Turn a Blog into a Book

That’s exactly what I did. I’ve been writing blog posts for 3 years fairly consistently up until almost a year ago. I felt like I wrote all I could at the time so I took a break. My posts consist mainly of my own personal growth experiences. I love to share what I’ve learned with others to help them along on their journey. That was the point of my blog.

Recently I had the idea of arranging my posts into a book. I’ve heard it done before and thought, maybe I could use it as a marketing tool (magnet), like a freebie offer to get email addresses for more blog traffic. I started to make a document and things progressed, I thought – just turn it into a real book! The information I provide on my blog is valuable and could really help people. I had to accept the value of my information.

The information in my book, as I mentioned, is from my posts over the years. I polished them all up, made a logical sequence for them, and added things like homework and ideas for journaling. It’s a very powerful guide to healing the vicious cycles and living free from the past into a future created by you!

I self-published it and have it available now on Amazon. My first book, The Path to my Heart is also self-published. It’s quite easy to do and costs literally next to nothing. Amazon has ‘Print-on-Demand’ so you don’t need to order 3,000 copies at a time from a printer! Saves lots of space in the living room! You can buy your own ISBN numbers or get one from Amazon. If it’s an eBook you want to publish, Amazon provides the ISBN for free.

I made the cover on Canva. I found a wonderful licence-free photograph on line and thought – wow, that’s beautiful and needs a book! It’s really how this all started! The whole process took me about 3 weeks of steady work. I copied and pasted my posts onto MS Word and then did all the arranging, formatting and editing. Once the manuscript is completed, I exported it as pdf which is the best way to upload it onto Amazon for a print book.

There’s lots of tools and tricks of the trade available if this is something you’ve been thinking about doing. Like I said, I’ve self-published both of my books now and it’s really quite easy and cheap to get a very nice looking book. If you’re interested and have questions, please let me know in the comments and I’d be happy to share some resources with you!

Happy publishing!!


  1. Wow Donna…. Three Years Condensed into Three weeks… Amazing… And I know from reading some of your posts how valuable a tool it will be…
    This is what is needed right now.. Following and listening to our hearts.. You followed yours and hey presto.. A Book is Born..

    I know it will resonate with all who read it, as it draws upon life experiences.. Something we are all of us navigating right now, as we dive deeper into ourselves and emotional layers as we learn to let our inner wounds go, as we heal our inner child..

    Wishing you every success dear Donna… 2022 is going to herald in more creativeness as we each of us I feel begin to discover our True Potential of Life, and Living on Earth through these times..
    Its time we all started to LIVE in Truth as we end the Lies, not only those we listen to, but the Lies we often tell ourselves..

    Much Love and every success for 2022 and Way Beyond.. ❤

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    1. Hi Sue! Thanks so much for your comment and your blessings for 2022! It feels to me like a year of transition – I guess that’s why I had the inspiration to make a book out of my learning experiences. You’re absolutely correct – It really is time to stop living lies and move into truth. More and more people will be waking up and asking questions, especially as the energy shifts. It’s at least a place to start. I can only imagine what the world will be like when the veil of lies is removed and the truth revealed. Praying people will be held through this massive transformative process. I really appreciate you and all you do to help others too – I love your blog and what you write for others! Keep it up, and thank you!! x

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      1. Oh for that Veil to be removed… 🙂 I know this world is due for a huge shift and transformation…
        I see it as being positive in many respects for those who embrace their hearts centre’s and who hold empathy and compassion… And thank you for your compliment… I try to keep Love at the heart of my writing… Wishing you again every success with your book…
        Love and well wishes Donna.. ❤

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        1. Thank you so much Sue! Keep shining your lovely heart!! Love and hugs!!


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