It’s not About Balance, it’s About Courage

Fine words of wisdom from a young lad to his sister as they were walking across a fallen tree over water.

I was unsure about going for a walk this afternoon, but saw it in my minds eye and decided it was meant to be. I had to pre-book a spot in order to get into our local park. They only let so many people in at a time. I was able to get a spot today because it was bad weather. So I got dressed in my rain attire and drove to the park.

There’s a booth now at the entrance where you need to check in and have your pass scanned.

The man in the booth said: Do you have your reservation?
I said: No, I haven’t needed to show it before. No one’s ever asked.
He said: You need it in order to get it.
I said rather loudly and with lots of force: I’m not going home!! I’m not going home!!
He said: Our system can’t see reservations made on the day blah blah blah
I said: Why is it no one has asked me before and I was here just last week?
he said: I don’t know.
I said: I’ll bring one the next time. And walked in.

Then I walk into the park and there’s an older lady standing in a shed – just in case anyone has any questions, etc. I had an altercation with her also, but not in the same way as with the booth man. She was talking about masks and how we’ll be finding them for years to come in our pockets, jackets, purses, etc.

I said: I don’t wear a mask.
She said: What about in the store?
I said: No, no mask, not at the store or even at work.
She said: What do you wear then?
I said: My face. Besides masks are not helping and can cause harm to the people who wear them.
She said: Doesn’t anyone say anything to you?
I said: No, no one bothers me.
She said: We’re supposed to wear them to keep other people safe?
I said: That’s misinformation. It’s a lie.
She said: Well, you are free to believe what you want.
I said: So are you, and I wish people would stop discarding their masks on the ground, littering the outdoors!
She said: Yes, me too.

It was about 20 minutes after these encounters I came upon the kids on the log crossing the water. Courage, not balance. It was like my very own personal message that sent me on this inquiry.

One other thing I noticed on my walk was that I was the only one walking in the direction I was walking in. Everyone else was walking against me. I thought “am I going the wrong way?” Nonsense- I must be going the right way because it’s the way I’m headed.

It was all very interesting but I really wanted to understand how the boy’s message to his sister fit in with my experiences. Here’s what I came up with:

Balance is inherent in all of us – once the distinction is made, you’ve got it, no point in dwelling on it any longer. I guess that’s like the truth. Once you got it, it’s yours and no one can change that.

The boy’s right – it is about courage. My experiences demonstrated courage in action with the truth as my support.

So I have grown this year. I’ve gained courage to stand strong in my truth regardless of what other’s believe I should do or what someone else tells me to do. I feel fortunate to even have MY truth. So many people get their truth from the main stream news, the government, movie stars, other people’s opinions, bad science, family and friends, etc.

Discernment in this case is very crucial. Beware of misinformation warfare out there – it’s rampant. The only way to find the truth is by going within.

Go into nature. Feel into your body – what is it telling you? Are you afraid? Are you confused? Best to feel it instead of pushing it away. Take the time to acknowledge what you are feeling, then and only then can you proceed to find your own truth.

Feature Image: Photo by Ben Blennerhassett on Unsplash

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  1. A beautiful post Donna… Indeed.. Standing in the courage of our own Truth, discerning for ourselves listening to the voice within and knowing from our inner core, our intuitive self right from wrong… Using common sense. Balancing the pros and cons…

    Such a powerful piece … May we continue to walk that path keeping our balance as the world tips itself upside down and inside out…
    And loved these words of yours Donna.. “Balance is inherent in all of us – once the distinction is made, you’ve got it, no point in dwelling on it any longer. I guess that’s like the truth. Once you got it, it’s yours and no one can change that.”
    Beautifully said Donna…
    Happy New Earth Year…. We have got this… 🙂 🙏💛💖😘

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Sue! It was an experience when the message was so clear – I was the only one walking by when the young lad gave this wonderful advice to his sister! It was a gift that I though I’d share. Happy new year to you too!! And yes, we’ve got this!!! Much love, Donna

      Liked by 2 people

  2. God bless you for speaking the truth, Donna. And for standing strong. I am so proud of you. The sheeple here are beyond help and it will take a major rock shock to wake them. Yesterday I went to a park and passed a couple on cross country skis with yes masks on. I looked. I rolled my eyes. I caught the eye of someone else and said, “let’s see how long those masks last.”. This social distancing and masks are all means of torture and brainwashing the fear. Keep up standing up for what is right. BALANCE is key. We’ve always lived with microbes. That is the nature of our planet. To fear a virus is insane. Soon, my friend, the insanity will be seen for what it is ….. a means to control and enslave. Sending you much love! xo

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    1. Hard to believe about the cross country skiers?? My mind doesn’t compute that. Yes, it’s all in the name of control and nothing to do with the ‘virus.’ It was a different day for me – my words just came flying out of my mouth at the people I met, couldn’t help it. Lately I’ve been in kind of a void – knowing that all is well, it’s going humanity’s way – the good is prevailing! Just a matter of time, soon, as you say, lots will be revealed!! Take care, sending lots of love and hugs!! Donna

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  3. just love how the universe delivers perfect messages for us. thank you for putting your experience here for us all to remember that truth lives within, and not pushed on us by another.

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