Thinking You Know Something may Prevent a Miracle from Happening in Your Life

Thinking You Know Something may Prevent a Miracle from Happening in Your Life

An interesting notion. I was reading a friend’s blog post and had the realization: Miracles don’t come from anything we “know.” Just the opposite in fact. You can’t plan a miracle nor can you know how they will happen. Miracles come from the unknown, many times literally from nothing – that’s why they are miracles!

Beginner’s luck is a phenomenon, I believe, that demonstrates this perfectly. Many times the beginner comes from “not having to know” and therefore has no pressure to perform in a certain way. The beginner is in the fortunate position of being free from all expectations and traps inherent in being a “professional.” This freedom allows for miracles to happen, or “beginner’s luck.”

Thinking You Know Something may Prevent a Miracle from Happening in Your Life

When we think we know, we limit
what’s possible.

  • We wouldn’t try a new way because we already think we know how
  • Creativity is severely limited and/or blocked
  • New things wouldn’t be created
  • Sometimes incredible discoveries happen from so called “mistakes”

Where can you create an unexpected result just by trying something other than what you think you already know? Just by going for it?

Visiting a different culture also demonstrates this point. When visiting a foreign land, you realize very quickly what you think you know about life does not apply! It also allows for you to try new things!

Thinking You Know Something may Prevent a Miracle from Happening in Your Life

Here’s what inspired me!

A fellow blogger and awesome photographer, Amy Rose, decided she wanted to grab a quick photo of her cat using a setting on her camera she wouldn’t normally use, a setting so low that it sometimes requires a tripod. She reasoned she didn’t have enough time to change the setting for fear of missing the opportunity. Normally, she wrote, I wouldn’t even attempt the shot but lately, I’m getting to a place that says …. No! At the very least I will try!”

Thinking You Know Something may Prevent a Miracle from Happening in Your Life

How true. She was determined to get the photo and didn’t let what she thought she knew about photography get in the way – she had to try. This effort produced a stunning photo of her cat Rusty through a window. The shot also captured Amy’s reflection.

It’s amazing how things like this happen – As Amy wrote, normally a photographer probably wouldn’t “think” to shoot a cat at that slow of a setting but with no time to switch the settings – a miracle occurred!! Her daring made room for a new possibility.

It’s exciting and makes more of a case for getting out of the box by realizing we really don’t know anything!

I invite you to check out Amy’s brilliant photo of Rusty! Amy’s Blog Post!

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  1. Oh, Donna! To be recognized and honored in a manner as you have here with me, has tears in my eyes and me feeling so humbled indeed. It is so true we cannot produce miracles from what we know but from that we don’t know. SO many times I produce miracles in situations where I honestly do not know the correct action, yet my internal drive and determination to succeed direct me to go ahead and at least TRY. I am so grateful to you for not only giving me a place on your blog, but also knowing I kindled in you this phenomenal post. How many of us “give up” when we think we cannot do something? How many of us fester in indecision and doubt or in fear all because we have the option to do something yet we are not sure we can do it? HUGELY important post, dear friend!! THANK YOU for including me in it. Yes that picture of Rusty I deem as a miracle the way everything in that photo is perfectly composed. And when looking at it, your mind becomes confused as to what is what all due to the illusion I created. Bless you for honoring me! I get SO excited about my work and to see someone else come on fire because of it …. THANK YOU!!! BIG (((HUGS)))! 💝💝💝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Amy! Glad you like my post! You are inspirational and have massive determination – so many times this past year you could have quit but you persevered and turned challenges into useful experiences that helped you grow. I love your photography and it’s my pleasure to share your talent with others!! Take care my friend!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. If I quit, Donna, I’ll go down fast. Believe me when I say some days it is easier to want to quit then to keep going. I just haven’t been the same since my Mom died. Yet the growth I am experiencing from out of this phase of my life is exciting to see. It brings such happiness to my Heart knowing how much you enjoy my photography. Thank YOU, Donna, for being in my corner rooting me on. Bless you, my friend!!! 🌸🌸🌸


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