Asking For What You Want

Asking For What You Want

Recently I have been reminded of something very important: We always get what we ask for! More times than not though, things appear out of the blue and we scratch our heads wondering- Why did this happen? I didn’t ask for this nor do I need this now! It just proves to me that we don’t always know or can’t remember asking for something.

Or, maybe my heart or soul asked for something and I didn’t hear it. Very possible.

seashell on shore

Making a Request

It’s so much easier when we state a conscious request, especially when we’re not attached to an outcome and there is a lot of emotion and passion behind the request. There is a good chance we’ll recognize the manifestation of it when it appears. 

Another great way to manifest is to state: “I never want ______!” This, in my experience, is the fastest, most effective and efficient way to get exactly what it is you never want! It blows my mind sometimes how fast these “never’s” can manifest! We can be so passionate about what it is we don’t want that lo and behold – there it is – signed, sealed and delivered!

man with elephant

The universe doesn’t hear “never” or “don’t” it just delivers what is in that blank! Personally, I’ve stopped saying “I never . . .” years ago. I believe all the “never’s” I’ve said in the past have all manifested, so I’m good now and choose to stay that way!

Ummm . . . That’s Not What I Ordered?

Like I mentioned above, it’s easier if you remember what it was you asked for because very often we can’t guess how the universe will deliver the goods. Many times it comes in a surprise package that can’t be anticipated . . . and we may not appreciate what it looks like at the time. We may even resist the crap out of the very thing we asked for simply because it doesn’t fit our picture or perceptions. Many of us also resist change and/or simply don’t like it!

pumpkin carriage

I know a lot of people who state emphatically: “I want to be happy!” and what they get looks and feels like the total opposite – or that’s what it seems like at the time. They may lose a job, a relationship or move to a different location. Perhaps those things were contributing to their unhappiness and they were ready to move on and leave those things behind that really were their burdens to begin with.

We have to clean out the old before the new can come in. I can’t be happy until I’m honest with myself and recognize and acknowledge my unhappiness. I feel if we’re asking, we’ve reached a level of awareness and therefore ready for something better. Many people have to “hit bottom” before real change can occur. It’s a place of total surrender, nonresistance and allowing. We are then ready to give up “my way” and allow others to contribute to us.

I also believe in Grace. If you are going to believe in anything in this world – believe in Grace. I have counted on Grace many times in my life and it’s always there. Thank you!


If you’ve been reading my past few posts you are aware I’ve had a very intense two months: I moved into a new home, my mom passed away and I was in Peru/Bolivia for three weeks. These events stressed and pressed me to my limit, beyond anything I have ever experienced before. All said and done . . . life changing.

Once the dust settled, I asked myself: Why did I have to go through such an intense time? The answer was: “You asked for it.” Oh my God, I guess I did. I had to look back a few months then I remembered asking: “What’s next for me?” When I asked, I was at a place of contemplation and recognized an ending in my life as my mother was nearing her death. I could feel a demarkation, a line in the sand of sorts, in regards to my life path. It was time for a change and I had no idea what was next for me. I also had no idea what this change would look like or how it would manifest. Actually, thank God, or I wouldn’t have ever participated in the past two months!

Turns out what’s next for me is peace – in just being me. I’ve gone from looking for and healing my pieces to being at peace. I’ve noticed less stress and anxiety in my body, which is a very welcomed change. I have more motivation to get things done and want to get out more. Overall I feel happier, open-hearted and I accept myself. Sometimes I feel the “old” trying to come in again, but that’s ok – I recognize it and choose to return to peace.

hot air balloons

I’m also noticing physical manifestation is coming easier to me. I had a few random thoughts about some things I wanted – for example: a handy man to help with replacing the garage window, some curtain rings, and door mats. I received all three in one day! What a gift! I am indeed grateful.

Asking for what we want is a good thing. Just remember to let go of the “how” it looks like when it comes to you!!

My post on Florence Scovel Shinn has some great manifestation affirmations that are very easy to use and really effective!!


  1. Donna, I’m still in the process of letting go of all involved regarding and the events surrounding my mother’s death. Until I do, I will not be able to move forward. I know this. I’ve asked humbly for Grace and Mercy until I arrive at Forgiveness Gate (again) and the Letting Go Port (again). The betrayal and the pain and downright evil connected to my Mother’s death, if you knew, would honestly shock you. To know I’m connected “by blood” to this family makes me very very humble and grateful for the self-work I have done on myself to change me. I feel like a horse in the starting gate, unable to move forward until that bell rings. I’m more then willing to do this because under no circumstances do I want any fragment to rear it’s head in the future bringing with it undue stress. No. I take care of business now. GREAT post, and again you got me thinking. Thank you!!! 🌹

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Amy! I have a lot of compassion for you and your situation with your family. I know from reading your posts that you are indeed moving on and willing to feel all those feelings others wouldn’t even consider entertaining feeling – in order to heal. That has you out of the starting gate and on the track, the right track. Give yourself a lot of space to just be without judging yourself in any way, be easy with you and take good care!! You don’t have an easy job healing the family patterns – not easy at all, but I know you are, as you say, taking care of business! Lots of love to you and I’m thinking of you! Love, Donna

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Donna, your words mean so much to me! This journey has been one so hard with no unseemingly end in sight. I have been giving myself a lot of space and only interacting here when my Guidance tells me to. I have at least 3 more posts coming with pictures of that magical morning a few days back. It’s been too cold out today and probably tomorrow for me to get my Canon out there …. teens brrrrrrrrr ….. When the weather warms up I will be getting more pics but for now I captured a Treasure in that one morning. Taking my own advice I am focusing on Beauty and in the quiet I am allowing myself away from it all, I am coming to terms in my way with everything that has happened. Perhaps one day I’ll write about it. Not now though. It is just too fresh and raw. Much Love to you! 💝

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        1. I look forward to your photos! We just got snow here too – over a foot in 2 days! This is not that common here in the midlands of England, but I am happy for the beauty! They also don’t have plows – ugh!!! I wish I had a great camera like you, the snow on the trees was beautiful and it lasted for a few days!! Beauty is a wonderful thing to focus on my friend!! Love to you!<3

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Love in return, Donna. I may be going out today with my camera. Depending on the temperatures of course. And if it were not for plows I don’t know how we would continue driving here. Much Love to you! 💝

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