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An accumulation of articles written from a personal growth perspective loaded with tools I’ve found for living a conscious life with both feet on the ground. My main goal is to bridge the gap between suffering and freedom, allowing for a life of peace! Click here to browse blog posts!

My Book: Ending Lies, Living Truth

Your Past is a Lie

A very powerful message. We live each second of our lives based on our past, ensuring the same patterns and cycles repeat, haunting us over and over again. We live a lie as a consequence. Do you ever feel like you’re in a box, trying to get out of the box, thinking you’re out of the box, but then only to find you’re in another box that over time starts to look like the original box. Have you had enough yet?

How do we end these vicious cycles?

Take ownership of your mind, body and soul to end the suffering

  • Why do bad things happen to me?
  • Why am I always sick?
  • Why am I always depressed?
  • How come I can’t find a loving partner?

What’s needed is Transformation.

Ending Lies, Living Truth gives you the tools you need to transform your life, creating something new and exciting that only you can express. It’s very possible to end the lies of the past and create what you desire. Your future is up to you, it’s in your capable hands.

We’ll address healing negative beliefs, ending vicious cycles, facing our fear and allowing emotions to surface without judgment. We’ll also look into self-love, affirmations, healing your inner child – and much more!

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My Book: The Path to My Heart

A wonderful story about love, wholeness and integration in a book!

Lost aspect: a piece of ourself who, usually through a trauma of some kind, leaves us at some point in our life, too hurt and unable to carry on.

My lost aspects are the characters who rejoin me and embark on a most amazing and heart-felt journey!

I had a strong intention to meet my inner child so we could heal together. This intention birthed a story of healing and integration that exceeded my expectations. The Path to My Heart is about finding and healing lost aspects (inner child, inner male and female, warrior self, etc.) and integrating them healthfully into your heart as described in my book.

You can do the same thing by just by making a strong intention.

Excerpt from Chapter 11, The Enemy

From a friend:

Donna, I hope that this book will not be stored somewhere on a shelf, it can help many to gain awareness of what aspects are and from there, start their own inner journey to heal themselves. We all have aspects within us (often unaware) and you recognized and integrated them as part of your life, they complete you.


This book has opened my eyes to so much I feel like it has touched me on such an emotional way and warmed me completely. I can’t really explain exactly what this book has done for me except I feel lighter and happier about life in general. This book is for everyone it really makes you see life on a different way and it makes you feel better about everything you have gone through in life no matter what it is. ― Nicola Douglas

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